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Get the most out of your data.

The GridDNA™ engine's search and advanced analytics capabilities are integrated into all Grid as a Service™ applications.

Grid as a Service™

From securely storing the massive amounts of meter and other utility data, to an expansive library of applications which aggregate and analyze all facets of your utility, Verdeeco's Grid as a Service™ allows you to realize the promise of the Smart Grid.

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Data Explosion

Invest in grid infrastrucure wisely. Derive value from existing systems and data without millions of investment dollars. Ultimately establish a business case with stronger ROI for future smart grid initiatives. Handle the data deluge easily when it arrives.

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Smart GridDNA™

The GridDNA™ engine captures data from many disparate sources and makes use of external data, such as upcoming events, weather, and news to gain insight and predict consumption, demand, and load more accurately than ever before.

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